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Animation on perinatal mental health care pathway for commissioners and providers

To raise awareness and help commissioners and providers understand the complexity of the perinatal mental health care pathway, the London Perinatal Mental Health Network developed an animation film, featuring personal accounts of participants’ experiences.

The film was made in collaboration with a wide variety of health professionals, people with lived experience and the voluntary sector.


Building Better Perinatal Mental Health Services by London Strategic Clinical Network

This document outlines the key messages and principles for CCGs in commissioning perinatal mental health services and includes a table of key policy and guidance documents. Click on the document to download.




Video Interaction Guidance 


Video Interaction Guidance is an intervention through which a practitioner uses video clips of authentic situations to enhance communication within relationships. It works by engaging clients actively in a process of change towards realizing their own hopes for a better future in their relationships with others who are important to them.

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Professor Trevarthen has been a supporter of VIG from its beginnings and you can click here to listen to him talking about it on Soundcloud