Conference 2018 Diversity – understanding and reaching the missing families

Join us for the Maternal Mental Health Alliance Conference 2018 – the annual conference dedicated to providing stimulating debate and discussion on perinatal mental health.

6th September 2018, London

This year’s theme is Diversity – understanding and reaching the missing families

The conference will:

provide an overview of the latest research on families experiencing barriers in accessing perinatal mental health support

highlight the latest thinking and interventions to meet the needs of hard to reach communities

share the stories of women from diverse backgrounds

bring together practitioners and experts from adult, child, maternity, social care, early years and perinatal mental health services to discuss diversity and perinatal mental health problems

showcase Mums and Babies in Mind (MABIM), Everyone’s Business and Maternal Mental Health Alliance and A Better Start (ABS)

What do we mean by diversity?

Diversity is one of the universal things we all have in common. Diversity of skills, experiences and voices enriches our families, communities, workplaces and society.

However some families face stigma and discrimination related to their age, disability, race, religion, class or sexual orientation and as such experience additional barriers in accessing perinatal mental health services.

We hope the 2018 conference will start a conversation about diversity and equality and provide an opportunity to focus on identifying and breaking down the barriers to mental health services for everyone.

The 2010 Equality Act’s nine protected characteristics provides a good starting point for looking at questions of diversity.

We welcome ideas for speakers, talks and workshops – contact Dr Camilla Rosan

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