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Black Maternal Mental Health Week 2022

What is Black Maternal Mental Health Week #BMMHW22?

Equity in Black Women's Maternal Mental Health Journey 26th Sep - 3rd OctBlack Maternal Mental Health Week UK was launched to raise awareness, highlight disparities, provide resources, and break cultural barriers in maternal mental health for Black mothers.

When is Black Maternal Mental Health Week?

The third annual BMMHW will take place from Monday 26 September – Sunday 2 October 2022.

Who is it organised by?

The week is coordinated and led by Maternal Mental Health Alliance member, The Motherhood Group.

The theme: Equity in Black Women’s Maternal Mental Health Journey

As well as the overarching theme of ‘Equity’, each day will focus on a specific aspect of the Black motherhood experience, featuring videos, articles, and discussions led by The Motherhood Group.

Day 1:  Why we need #BMMHW22

Day 2:  Stigma

Day 3:  Trauma and loss

Day 4:  Feeding and wellbeing

Day 5:  Community and culture

Day 6:  Reflect

Day 7:  Recap

How to support

    1. Subscribe to The Motherhood Group newsletter for updates before, during, and after the week.
    2. Share content from The Motherhood Group and other Black creators on social media.
    3. Hold vital conversations and discussions regarding Black maternal mental health, on- and off-line.
    4. Take part in activities and projects that will prioritise Black maternal mental health.

Visit The Motherhood Group’s website for more information.