Dr Alain Gregoire presents Trust Me, I’m A Doctor, Mental Health Special

Trust Me, I’m a Doctor is back with a special programme on mental health on 1st November 2017 at 9pm, BBC Two.

New presenter and Chair of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance, psychiatrist Dr Alain Gregoire, reveals how to recognise a mental health problem, the key factors that psychiatrists assess – mood, thinking and behaviour – and gives advice on how to deal with problems before they become overwhelming and have a serious impact on our health.

Alain said:
“It has been great fun working with the fantastic team at the BBC on Trust me I’m a Doctor, and most of all it has been a pleasure to be part of a greater emphasis on the fascinating area of mental health in the series and in the media generally”

The Trust Me I’m a Doctor team conducted a survey of 2000 people to find out what mental health questions the public most wanted answered.   The top question was how to beat stress – Michael Mosley runs a big experiment to test mindfulness, yoga and gardening to find out which is the best stress-buster. GP Zoe Williams discovers why laughing can be as good as exercise for improving mood. Surgeon Gabriel Weston investigates a new cure for some patients with serious mental illness. And geneticist Giles Yeo asks if you can eat your way to happiness.

Watch the programme: Wednesday 1st November 2017,  9pm, BBC Two.