MMHA and the MIND Media Awards 2016

my-babyThe Maternal Mental Health Alliance has been involved in two programmes which have been shortlisted at the 2016 MIND Media Awards.

Dr Alain Gregoire, Chair of the MMHA, was filmed for BBC One’s My Baby Psychosis and Me which has been shortlisted under the Documentaries category.

My Baby, Psychosis and Me, BBC One (Matchlight and Sprout)
Filmed over 6 months, this intimate documentary follows two women’s experiences of postpartum psychosis as they are cared for at Winchester’s Mother and Baby Unit. From the bedroom to the nursery, the hospital theatre to the psychiatrist’s chair, we watch the most personal moments of motherhood and mental illness play out for Jenny and Hannah.

Clare Dolman, Vice-Chair of the MMHA was involved in the recent EastEnders storyline about Stacey Turner’s postpartum psychosis which has been shortlisted in the Soaps and continual series category.

EastEnders, BBC One
Lacey Turner’s character Stacey, who has experience of bipolar disorder, gives birth to Arthur, and we follow her moving journey as she exhibits symptoms of postpartum psychosis, experiencing hallucinations and believing that someone is trying to take Arthur away.

Shortlisted entries will be judged by a panel of media industry experts on criteria including whether the entry challenges common perceptions of mental health, is well-crafted and responsibly produced, safe for intended audiences and reaching new audiences.

The MIND Media Awards will take place on Monday 14th November where the winners will be announced.