Pathway Assessment Tool

What is it?

This is a tool to help local partners rate their local offer against national standards to identify strengths and gaps where more work is needed. The tool has seven themed worksheets, which each set out key standards for perinatal mental health services and pathways that should ideally exist in each local area.

What is it for?

To help local partners to understand the quality and sufficiency of the services that exist in their area for women with perinatal mental illness and their families.

How can it be used?

We suggest that local partners look through the worksheets and assess the extent to which you meet the standards shown. If you rate your area from 0-5 on each standard, this will generate a traffic light rating for each standard. Ratings are also averaged to give an overall picture of your local pathways.

If you have used the Pathway Assessment Tool please give us your feedback here: complete short questionnaire