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Maternal mental health profiled in VIEW Digital Magazine

Northern Irish social affairs magazine, VIEW Digital, has profiled maternal mental health in its latest issue providing a key resource for helping to turn the Everyone’s Business campaign map green. The magazine was supported by the campaign and guest edited by Lindsay Robinson (who is currently acting as the Everyone’s Business Northern Ireland Campaign Coordinator).

View the magazine here.

I’m ready to thrive not just survive: Lindsay Robinson’s story

By Lindsay Robinson, mum, campaigner and advocate for maternal mental health

Lindsay is mum to Reuben and lives and works in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is dedicated to raising awareness of perinatal mental health and helping to improve support for all who struggle. She works with the Maternal Mental Health Alliance.

In September 2015 I was finally diagnosed with Postnatal Depression, two years after my son was born. I had experienced a long (undiagnosed) battle with the illness which made me severely ill – mentally, emotionally and physically. Having asked for help, twice, in the early months and not been treated, I then believed how I was feeling was my fault. I used to tell myself I’d “missed the mum gene”. Continue reading I’m ready to thrive not just survive: Lindsay Robinson’s story