Active Pregnancy Foundation

The Active Pregnancy Foundation (APF) is a registered Charity, set up in 2020, to break down barriers to engagement in physical activity during preconception, pregnancy and postnatal periods. The APF’s vision is to create a society where all women are empowered to be physically active during their childbearing years in a way that works for them.

The APF works with women, healthcare and fitness professionals, researchers and a wide range of key stakeholders to: change the narrative around being active during the childbearing years, through research, education, and advocacy; increase visibility and representation of active women, thereby increasing the number of role models who influence and motivate; create a support network for women and professionals, where experiences and learning can be shared; work collaboratively across physical activity and health systems to ensure high quality provision and access to knowledgeable qualified professionals; empower women to take ownership of their health, to make informed decisions and encourage meaningful conversations.