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We won’t stop until all mums in the UK get the mental health support they need, before, during and after pregnancy

Around 1 in 5 women develop a mental health problem during pregnancy or in the early years after having a baby. Too often, they go unrecognised, undiagnosed, and untreated.

If untreated, perinatal mental health problems can have a devastating impact on the women affected and their families.

The MMHA exists to change this.

The Everyone's Business Campaign

The MMHA’s Everyone’s Business campaign calls for all women throughout the UK who experience a perinatal mental health problem to receive the care and support they and their families need, wherever and whenever they need it.

Our focus areas

Improve access to specialist services

Specialist services are foundational for perinatal mental health care. Our maps show where these services are and aren't available in the UK.

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Make all care count

Women and families across the UK need equal access to high-quality, compassionate care and support, including and beyond specialist services.

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General Election 2024

Help us make perinatal mental health a priority for the new Government

It's crucial that we work together to make sure perinatal mental health is on the political agenda. The MMHA is calling for all parties to demonstrate their support for the mental health of new and expectant mothers.

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Every few months we publish an eBulletin to:

  • chart our campaigning progress 
  • highlight risks and opportunities to improve perinatal mental healthcare across the UK
  • share new research and resources to help people working with women, babies, and families in the perinatal period provide the best possible mental health support.
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