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Discover a wealth of resources designed to help you support women and families impacted by perinatal mental health problems. Whether you work in healthcare, local or national government we hope you find what you need.

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A sound investment: Increasing access to treatment for women with common maternal mental health problems

MMHA Pdf, 2.0mb

Published: February 2022

Commissioned by the MMHA, this policy briefing summarises the latest maternal mental health-related economic research from LSE and the case for action. It explores the current policy context for perinatal mental health care and how the case for investment can be implemented in practice.

Briefing: Perinatal Mental Health and Domestic Abuse

MMHA Pdf, 2.9mb

Published: January 2023

This briefing contains key learning points that emerged from MMHA's domestic abuse and perinatal mental health roundtable in November 2022. Our aim is to take stock of what we know about the intersection of perinatal mental health and domestic abuse, including highlighting gaps in practice, policy and research.

CCQI Standards for Community Perinatal Mental Health Services, 6th Ed

Royal College of Psychiatrists Pdf, 516.0kb

Published: June 2023

These standards are designed to be applicable to community perinatal services and can be used by professionals to assess the quality of the team. The standards may also be of interest to commissioners, patients, carers, researchers and policy makers.

Executive Map Summary: Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Care in the UK 2023

MMHA Pdf, 807.4kb

Published: May 2023

The MMHA has been mapping the provision of specialist perinatal mental health services across the UK since 2013. Using quality standards created by the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Perinatal Quality Network to visualise levels of provision, these maps chart the postcode lottery women, babies, and families have faced in accessing essential, lifesaving care in their local area.

Implementation supplement to the report: The economic case for increasing access to treatment for women with common mental health problems during the perinatal period

London School of Economics Pdf, 160.0kb

Published: May 2022

This supplement was developed in response to feedback we received from some members of our advisory group after publication of the report ‘The economic case for increasing access to treatment for women with common mental health problems during the perinatal period'.

Map: Accredited Mother and Baby Units (MBUs) in the UK

MMHA Pdf, 316.6kb

Published: December 2023

Map produced by the Maternal Mental Health Alliance (MMHA) showing the locations of Mother and Baby Units (MBUs) across the UK, including contact details for each one. MBUs are specialist, in-patient units for women experiencing severe perinatal mental health problems where they can stay with their baby while they recieve care.

Maps: Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Care in the UK 2023

MMHA Pdf, 3.6mb

Published: May 2023

The Maternal Mental Health Alliance (MMHA) has been mapping levels of specialist PMH services across the UK since 2015. The last set of maps showing the state of the postcode lottery were released by the MMHA in early 2020, just at the start of the pandemic. Since then, clearly much has changed.

Maternal Mental Health: A Briefing for Integrated Care Systems

MMHA and Centre for Mental Health Pdf, 587.1kb

Published: July 2023

With recent changes to local health commissioning in England, it’s important that all integrated care systems understand the crucial role they have in ensuring every new and expectant mother receives the right mental health support at the right time, close to home.

Summary Briefing: The Maternal Mental Health Experiences of Young Mums

CYPMHC X MMHA Pdf, 781.6kb

Published: October 2023

Summary of the briefing from the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition and the Maternal Mental Health Alliance which explores the maternal mental health experiences of young mums aged 16-25.

Supporting High-Quality Perinatal Mental Health Care

Institute of Health Visiting Pdf, 2.3mb

Published: March 2023

A new resource to enable and inform high-quality, compassionate care for families impacted by perinatal mental health problems.

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