Take action

Perinatal mental health has moved up the political agenda in recent years and funding has been allocated by governments across the UK for specialist perinatal mental health services. However, at both the national and local level it is crucial that Government commitments are fulfilled. The MMHA’s Everyone’s Business campaign needs your support to ensure decisionmakers, providers and commissioners act on behalf of women, babies, and families.

We need as many champions across all parts of the UK to influence service provision by ensuring decision makers in every nation, region and locality of the UK urgently invest in perinatal mental health provision.

8 ways to help us create change for women, babies, and families

1) Use our resources to help local decision makers, providers and commissioners understand why maternal mental health is so important:

2) Use our campaign maps to identify the level of specialist perinatal mental health service provision in your area; share this with local decision makers, alongside the reasons why specialist services act as a catalyst for change across the whole pathway

3) Share your area’s starting point and feature images of the maps on social media and within local media to highlight where funding for services is still needed or indeed to celebrate progress to date and inspire other

4) Include the costs of perinatal mental illness when explaining to decision makers what is needed in your area.

5) Donate to the Maternal Mental Health Alliance to help us continue our work and ensure every woman gets the right treatment at the right time.

6) Get in touch if there is an upcoming strategic event or meeting in your local area where campaign materials / presentations can feature – or if you have any other ideas for how the campaign can support.

7) If you are a non-profit working with women and families in the perinatal period, become a member of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance.

8) Share real life stories to show decision-makers at all levels what great care looks like, and what can happen when it's not available.