Mental health support for mums and families

Find out what's available and right for you or your loved one

Urgent support

If you are in crisis, despairing or suicidal, please talk to a healthcare professional immediately. This could be a GP, midwife or health visitor, for example.

Or, you can:

You are not alone. Mental health problems during and after pregnancy are common and help is available:

Other support

Guidance if you're unwell

What to do if you are struggling with your maternal mental health, or you're worried about someone.

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Mental health and wellbeing tips

Looking after your mental health during and after pregnancy.

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Support organisations

Find a variety of support including in-person, online or over the phone.

Find help

Find local support

MMHA member Netmums has a postcode search to help you find mental health support close to home.

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Eleanor's story

"My bond with my daughter is so strong now, and I’m really enjoying being a mum. We’re a great team!"

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Not ready to talk?

Getting help as early as possible is the best thing you can do for you and your family, but we know it can take time before you're ready to talk.

For now, you might like to:

Please note: The MMHA is not responsible for the support or information provided by 3rd parties but we hope they provide help and comfort.