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Be an 'Agent of Change' for new parents

We call for the mental health of all women to be monitored, discussed and treated in the same way as her physical health during and after pregnancy.  We also call for the same standard of perinatal mental health services to be available throughout the UK. Currently, women in large areas of the UK are not receiving the support they need.

If contributing to life-changing and long-lasting social impact for parents, their babies and families is what you're looking for,
then work with us to open up meaningful conversations and support for new parents' mental health at work and at home. 

As the head of the UK's largest perinatal mental health network, we know that change happens when many voices come together. From defined projects to strategic partnerships, reaching more women and creating value for brands has been and will continue to be a powerful way to achieve our mission.  

Boost your brand reputation by driving awareness of your social impact and purpose driven initiatves.

Be known for a culture which helps parents thrive professionally, personally and as a family unit.

From people and talent, to brand awareness and image... deliver your goals, grow, and do more for working mums and parents.

Become an Agent of Change

Visibly stand for and connect with parents inside and outside of your organisation in a meaningful and substantive way.  This is our new strategic partnership programme, exclusively for progressive organisations who are looking to drive real change for parents' mental health, hand in hand with the MMHA and the expertise we bring as a leading voice in the sector.  Together, we'll demand better for parents and set a new standard for helping new and soon-to-be parents thrive.

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Create brand campaigns with meaningful impact

Raising awareness and reducing the stigma associated with maternal mental health through authentic representation in the media and in brand communications. We ensure that the voices of real experiences are represented, so that those struggling know they are not alone and that help is available.

Our current campaign
We were thrilled to partner with the Maternal Mental Health Alliance on an event celebrating Maltesers’ new Let’s Lighten the Load campaign. The Alliance’s team were inspiring to work with, and together we co-created an event that really made an impact and opened up channels for continued engagement.

UK Head of Public Affairs, Maltesers, Mars.

More about the MMHA

Learn about the parents and work you could be supporting:

Counting the cost of untreated perinatal mental health

Untreated perinatal mental health problems have a wide range of effects on the mental and physical health of women, their babies, partners and loved ones, meaning insufficient support is a major public health concern.

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A decade of impact for parents today and tomorrow

We use our collective influence to ensure all women throughout the UK who experience perinatal mental health (PMH) problems receive the care they and their families need, whenever and wherever they need it.

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Listen to mothers behind the stats and know, you are not alone

Behind the statistics there are real stories of suffering, but most importantly, hope. It's critical to amplify the voices of those who have experienced perinatal mental health problems, to break down stigma and show that you are not alone.

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