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Working together to support the mental health of new parents

Parents deserve better.  Together we can deliver better.

More parents struggle with their mental health more often than you may think.  

At least 1 in 5 mums and1 in 10 dads experience mental health issues during and after pregnancy (the perinatal period). Despite this, perinatal mental health receives far less attention and investment than physical health. Our goal is to change this.

We won’t stop until every family gets the care and compassion they need.

Your help, whether as a corporate partner or an individual, can make a difference and change the statistics for the better.

Ways to make an impact

Corporate partnerships

Position your company and brand as a champion for new parents and mental health, be an agent of change.

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Be an ally of the MMHA

Be an ally of the MMHA and keep us in the fight. Donate, race, fundraise or volunteer your skills. Run this marathon with us!

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We've come so far in 10 years


mental health alliance in the UK, we are the collective and united voice of 130 (and counting) member organisations, fighting for better mental health care for expecting and new parents.


new dedicated Maternal Mental Health Service hubs across England, helping support more new, expectant or bereaved mothers than ever before.


NHS investment secured into maternal mental health services across the UK for new community services in over 100 areas, and four new inpatient Mother and Baby Units.

Our impact

But together we can do even more.

Let's break the silence...

With 70% of new mums hiding or downplaying how unwell they’re feeling, it’s clear more action is needed to combat shame and stigma. Talking openly about mental health during pregnancy and early parenthood is key. 

Year after year, suicide remains the leading cause of death for new mums. This cannot continue. Greater awareness of perinatal mental health problems will help colleagues and loved ones spot the signs that a new parent might be struggling.

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...and break down barriers.

Where you live, the colour of your skin, your age, gender, sexuality, and even the industry you work in can create barriers for new and soon-to-be parents trying to access care. 

Looking after our mental health, being supported, and feeling understood should not be a lottery, so let's end it.

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