Maternal Mental Health Alliance
Maternal Mental Health Alliance
Maternal Mental Health Alliance
Maternal Mental Health Alliance

The Maternal Mental Health Alliance (MMHA) is a coalition of UK organisations with a vision to see all women across the UK get consistent, accessible and quality care and support for their mental health during pregnancy and in the year after giving birth.

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Second Maternal Mental Health Matters Week

Second UK Maternal Mental Health Matters Week

Last year was the first UK Maternal Mental Health Matters Week, led by one of our members, Perinatal Mental Health Partnership UK. This year the week will be taking place again with an opportunity to communicate the message that maternal mental health matters. During the week, World Maternal Mental Health Day will also take place on Wednesday 2nd May.


When is it?

30th April 2018 – 6th May 2017 (2nd May World Maternal Mental Health Day)


What happened last year?

A number of activities happened throughout the week including nightly #PNDHours, live Facebook chats, coffee mornings, cake-baking, buggy walks and the opportunity to share resources and stories. A huge range of organisations took part with the aim of raising awareness of maternal mental health and supporting women and families. An evaluation of the week is here.


How you can get involved

  • Email to join the mailing list and be kept up to date
  • Come up with your own ideas to highlight that #maternalMHmatters
  • Use the hashtag #maternalMHmatters on social media
  • Join in with and support activities being organised by other groups


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