Global inspirations

Independent evaluation shows that the work of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance (MMHA) has helped transform the provision of maternal mental health care in the UK. Excitingly, it is also helping to inspire similar movements for change internationally.

5 facts about global maternal mental health

1. Mental health problems during pregnancy and following childbirth are roughly twice as common in low-income countries as they are in high-income countries.

2. If the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are to be achieved by 2030, maternal mental health must be prioritised now.

3. Maternal mental health is the most common serious health complication of maternity worldwide.

4. Maternal mental health problems are treatable with the right support.

5. Failure to act on maternal mental ill-health results in serious human and global economic consequences.

Improving global maternal mental health care provision

    • Other national and pan-country Alliances are also beginning to form using some of the initial lessons and approaches developed within the UK. Currently, this includes Maternal Mental Health Alliances in or covering:
          1. Canada
          2. Francophone regions*
          3. Gambia
          4. Hispanic regions
          5. Malawi
          6. Norway
          7. South America
          8. Turkey.


    • Discussions are currently underway amongst colleagues in Australia, India and Indonesia about national Maternal Mental Health Alliances forming there too.

To date, €20million has subsequently been pledged for perinatal mental health services in France.