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Starting point

Whilst there has been significant progress in perinatal mental health (PMH) care, urgent action is required to address shocking inequities, systemic racism and funding gaps.


This guide highlights innovative examples of people already taking action to make the crucial changes we urgently need.

Using expertise from MMHA champions, members and local contacts, these ideas and tools have been designed to help influence perinatal mental health care in local areas.

What is the purpose of the Toolkit?

  1. To inspire action to influence change in PMH care at a local level.
  2. To be a platform to amplify seldom-heard voices.

An ideas resource

Who is the toolkit for?

Individuals and groups across the UK who want to influence decision makers and create positive change in PMH care in their local area.

Everyone has a role to play – you can advocate at every level.

Who will you be trying to influence?

Decision makers who can advocate for positive change, including: 

Toolkit sections

Breaking barriers

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Demonstrating impact

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Making connections

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Sharing stories

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Within each section you will find:

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