MMHA welcomes news that partners of new mums with mental illness set to get support on the NHS

Posted By: Amy Tubb

4th December 2018

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This statement from the NHS in England is warmly welcomed as it acknowledges the important unmet need for mental health support and treatment faced by many new fathers, and by partners of women who are themselves suffering mental health problems.

This will require services within and outside the NHS to work together, enhancing detection of mental health problems and providing the right care for those individuals, as well as for parents jointly, and for their relationships with their babies.

A great deal is already being done by NHS England, with new Government money, to improve specialist mental health care to mothers with severe mental health problems. We look forward to seeing these improvements continue, now coupled with improvements in care for fathers, mothers and partners across all levels of mental health need, from specialist mental health services, talking therapies, GPs, and health visitor and maternity services.

The MMHA Everyone’s Business campaign has a champion network of experts by experience and this includes Raj’s story, highlighting the need for further support and information for fathers and partners.

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