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Tommee Tippee and the Maternal Mental Health Alliance are working together for brighter futures

The Maternal Mental Health Alliance (MMHA) is delighted to announce a partnership with Tommee Tippee. Over the next two years, we will work together to shine a light on perinatal mental health and reach more families with education, tools, spaces, and support during this significant period in their lives.

This partnership is a first for the MMHA, and we are looking forward to collaborating with a global brand that is part of so many families’ everyday lives.

Recognising the ups and downs of pregnancy and parenthood

Parenthood is a journey full of extraordinary highs and some incredible lows.

Through this partnership, the MMHA and Tommee Tippee will help new and soon-to-be parents understand how common it is to experience perinatal mental health problems and offer guidance to those in the midst of it so that they feel less alone. We want to show that – with the proper support – it is possible to thrive.

To effectively raise awareness of maternal mental health, the MMHA needs a presence in the spaces where new and expectant families go. As well as highlighting the realities for this generation of parents and their children, it’s important that we also inspire hopeful narratives about perinatal mental health and recovery.

Building a brighter future for every family

We want to help new and soon-to-be parents feel seen, heard, and understood.

We know that not all women receive the support they need for their perinatal mental health, in large part due to fear of judgement and feeling like a burden. Together, the MMHA and Tommee Tippee have a significant opportunity to reach more women and families, normalise mental health challenges during this extraordinary time of life and offer clinically sound guidance.

We can encourage families to seek the support they need from trusted clinicians and signpost to reputable, safe peer support organisations.

Creating safe spaces and excellent services

The partnership is not just about raising awareness but also taking action and creating lasting change.

For more than a decade, the MMHA has campaigned for every woman, baby, and family to have access to the right care at the right time and place. We have seen fantastic progress, but families in large areas of the UK are still unable to get support when they need it.

Together with Tommee Tippee, we will continue to push for perinatal mental health service improvements until every family receives the mental health care they need.

Laura Seebohm, CEO of the MMHA, says:

“We are so excited to enter into this partnership with Tommee Tippee. Over the last few years, we have seen a concerning increase in perinatal mental health problems and challenges facing families. Working alongside Tommee Tippee provides us with a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness, tackle these challenges head-on and encourage important open conversations. We look forward to working together to make a meaningful difference in the lives of parents, now and in the future.”

Steve Parkin, Chief Executive Office at Mayborn Group, says:

“We are in the privileged position of talking to parents every day and so we hear first-hand just how challenging becoming a parent can be. By partnering with the MMHA we believe that together we can improve awareness, understanding and recognition of perinatal mental health issues to meaningfully benefit families across the UK. We are excited by the opportunities and the impact we think this partnership can have over the coming months and years as part of our Tommee Tippee Brighter Futures programme.”

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About Tommee Tippee
For almost six decades, the heart of the Tommee Tippee brand has focused on providing innovative products that make the practical side of parenting a little easier.

Whether it’s feed time, change time or bedtime – we’re here to help. But we can’t ignore the reality that parenting needs more compassion.

For too long, comparison, criticism and doubt has conspired to shatter parent’s confidence to do it their way. We believe that when it comes to parenting, everyone’s every day is different – and that’s ok!

Yes, it’s beautiful. It’s the most amazing thing in the world. But it’s not all joy. The truth is, the mental load of parenthood is real.

In line with our Code of Compassion, we’re committed to highlighting important issues and conversations about perinatal mental health and supporting parents across the UK through the emotional journey of pregnancy and parenthood, and we’re delighted to announce our partnership with The Maternal Mental Health Alliance.

Through this partnership, we hope to help parents understand how common it is to experience perinatal mental health problems and show that – with the proper support and high-quality, compassionate care – it is possible to thrive.