UK Maternal Mental Health Matters Awareness Week: Support For All

Last year, the first ever UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week took place, led by our member organisation, the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership UK. During the week, the second World Maternal Mental Health Day was celebrated on Wednesday 3rd May with countries around the world marking the day with events and campaigning activities.

This year the second UK Maternal Mental Health Matters Week is planned for 30th April to 6th May 2018.

The theme is ‘Support For All’ with a focus on enabling all families affected by perinatal mental illness to access the information and help they require for recovery. Throughout the week, the hashtag #maternalmhmatters will be used on social media.

The third World Maternal Mental Health Day will take place on Wednesday 2nd May with details on how to get involved here.




Monday 30th April – What is Perinatal Mental Health?

An interactive Facebook Live session will be running at 10.30am by @maternalocd about perinatal OCD. Join the conversation and ask your questions.

If you are a charity, local peer support group or service, share your details on social media so families know what support is available across the UK. This could include details of the service, contact information or the areas you cover.

#PNDHOUR Twitter chat hosted by @PNDandMe 8-9pm.

Tuesday 1st May  – Support from Health Care Professionals

An interactive Facebook Live session will be running at 7.30pm on breastfeeding and antidepressants with the pharmacist Dr Wendy Jones, 

#PNDHOUR Twitter chat hosted by @PNDandMe 8-9pm.

Wednesday 2nd May – World Maternal Mental Health Day and the theme ‘The Village’

The global website here has more details on what is happening around the world to mark this global day and how you can get involved.

The theme for the day in the UK will be ‘The Village’, focusing on how we work together to remove barriers to services so everyone can access them.

At 10am there will be a Facebook Live session with Dr Stephanie De Giorgio about approaching health care professionals if you are unwell.

#PNDHOUR Twitter chat hosted by @PNDandMe 8-9pm.

Thursday 3rd May – Dads

There will be an interactive Facebook live session on Dads run by @DadsinMind and perinatal mental health using the hashtag #pmhpdads.

The day will be dedicated to dads and paternal mental illness. If you are an organisation who supports fathers or you are a dad who has been unwell please contact @pmhpuk to input into the day.

#PNDHOUR Twitter chat hosted by @PNDandMe 8-9pm.

Friday 4th May – Virtual Positivity Pot

To end the week, there will be a focus on recovery and hope with encouragement to contribute to a virtual ‘ Positivity Pot’ by publishing and sharing articles and blogs about recovery. Short vlogs will be shared from parents showing that recovery is possible. There will be posts about selfcare and tips for recovery.

#PNDHOUR Twitter chat hosted by @PNDandMe 8-9pm.


How to get involved

Highlight what your organisation does to support families affected by perinatal mental illness

Join in with the activities listed above

Use the #maternalmhmatters hashtag on social media when referring to the week

Join the photo challenge on social media run by The Butterfly Mother and Lotus Petal Family Support each day during the week using the hashtag #pmhpphoto

Come up with your own ideas to highlight perinatal mental illness


Lead Organisation: The Perinatal Mental Health Partnership

Twitter: @PMHPuk #maternalmhmatters



Perinatal Mental Health Partnership Membership

Eve Canavan – @eviecanavan

Beth Bone – @BB576

Rosey Adams – @PNDandMe

Dr Stephanie DeGiorgio – @DrSdeG

Dr Andy Mayers – @DrAndyMayers

Bluebell Care – @BluebellCare

Smile Group – @TheSMILEGroup

Raindrops to Rainbows – @R2R_pnd

Kathryn Grant – @katgrant30


For further information, please read the evaluation of last year’s campaign.