General Practitioners


Perinatal mental health problems affect up to 20% of women at some point during pregnancy and for the first year after birth, yet only around half of mothers with perinatal depression and anxiety are identified, and even fewer receive adequate treatment. Working with the Maternal Mental Health Alliance as a key stakeholder, the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) aims to ensure women across UK have access to universal high quality mental health care and support in the perinatal period. The College has completed a 3 year programme 2014-2017 to raise awareness, develop educational resources for GPs, influence curriculum and promote collaborative working with other professions including midwives and health visitors.


Some of the main outputs of the Priority Programme are to be found amongst the RCGP Perinatal Mental Health Toolkit which is an open access collection of over 400 resources aimed at supporting those affected by perinatal mental health problems and those that care for them.

The College is working with Wessex Clinical Network to collaborate on the “Spotlight Project” in Wessex which looks to build on the work of the priority programme at grassroots GP level. This 1 year pilot is due to finish at the end of March 2018 and is being led by Dr Carrie Ladd. RCGP Clinical Champion.


Dr Carrie Ladd, RCGP Clinical Champion