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I felt pressure as a Black mum that I’d be judged and not listened to. I was scared my children would be taken away.

I was filled with anxiety after the birth of my second child. I was in tears all the time but reluctant to tell anyone. I felt pressure as a Black mum that I’d be judged and not listened to and scared my children would be taken away if I spoke up.   

I finally told my GP but my experience with them felt like a tick-box exercise. I filled in one questionnaire and was prescribed antidepressants. No other support was offered. Yet I know I would have greatly benefited from the support of other mothers and talking therapies.

Free mental health sessions

After my first child, I set up the Motivational Mums Club. But it was my experiences after the birth of my second child that led to me investing more time and energy into it. Today, it offers mothers and birthing people free mental health sessions with fully qualified psychologists.

Break the stigma

My goal is to raise awareness of the mental health issues pregnant women and new mums face and to work with community leaders and organisations to help them get the support they need.

As a Black woman, I’m also passionate about breaking the stigma that surrounds maternal mental health in ethnic minority communities. Women need to feel safe to speak about their mental health without the fear of being judged.

Let's Talk About It... Maternal Mental Health

Chrissy and Maria joined the Roche podcast team* to discuss maternal mental health, signs and symptoms, stigma, and how to support colleagues. Listen now:

In addition to the Motivational Mums Club, Chrissy also established Young Positive Minds. It provides a range of interactive workshops and resources to give children and teenagers the tools they need to become resilient and deal with the mental health challenges they encounter. 

If the content of this story causes you to think of anything that has happened to you or someone you know and you feel upset, worried or uncomfortable, please see our support page for a list of services that may be able to help.

*The Maternal Mental Health Alliance acknowledges Roche Products Limited for sharing the Let’s Talk About It… Maternal Mental Health Podcast produced and recorded for the benefit of Roche employees. Roche Products Limited have not received payment in its sharing of this podcast.

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