Hannah (Bristol)

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I even started to regret my decision to have a baby.

After the birth of my son I developed mild postnatal depression [PND] and moderate anxiety. I suffered panic attacks and was fearful of being judged as a ‘bad mother’, as being incapable of looking after my child in the ‘right’ way.

Despite regular visits to my GP, it was two years before I was diagnosed correctly. In that time, my condition led to relationship breakdowns between friends and family – all of whom could have provided endless support had I known what I was suffering with. I even started to regret my decision to have a baby.

The constant doubts I was having made me believe I couldn’t care for my son and I felt very isolated and helpless.

My GP failed me

I didn’t know who to turn to after my GP failed to offer me the support I needed. Thankfully, I discovered a local charity that specialises in helping new mums and families affected by PND. It was only after contacting them that I gradually started to improve.

Looking back, my GP or health visitor should have spotted the warning signs far sooner. I remember being reassured that my behaviour was ‘normal’ and that I was ‘fine’, but it clearly wasn’t.

Surrounded by a stigma

The memories I have of my first year as a mother are a blur and no one should have to experience that. With better training for health professionals and more awareness, people suffering from PND will be diagnosed earlier.

I think mental healthcare is still widely neglected and is surrounded by a stigma. More investment is needed for better education and local specialists who can help people affected much sooner.

If the content of this story causes you to think of anything that has happened to you or someone you know and you feel upset, worried or uncomfortable, please see our support page for a list of services who may be able to help.

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