New Everyone’s Business campaign calls released in light of COVID-19

Posted By: Amy Tubb

12th May 2020

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During Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, the Maternal Mental Health Alliance (MMHA) launched a plea to national and local decision makers to PLAN for perinatal mental health care during and beyond COVID-19.

Why maternal mental health is everyone’s business during the COVID-19 pandemic

In these uncertain times, three things remain clear regarding the mental health of pregnant women, new mums and their families:

1.  Their stress and mental health needs are increased from an already high level

2.  If left untreated, mental illness during pregnancy or in the first year after birth will continue to have a devastating impact during and for a long time after the COVID-19 pandemic

3.  Perceived and real access to care at every level is reduced; a proactive approach is needed to overcome these barriers

    What is the MMHA calling for?

    To ensure women and their families receive the care they need during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Alliance urges national and local decision makers to PLAN with the mental as well as physical health needs of women and their families in mind.

    • Protect the perinatal mental health workforce and plans through and beyond this crisis
    • Link-up the mental health care and support available for women and families during this time
    • Acknowledge the impact of the crisis on perinatal mental health and its potential long-term consequences
    • Navigate the crisis while prioritising the perinatal mental health needs of women and families and proactively encouraging them to seek help early

    What else is the MMHA doing for women and families right now?

    Although the MMHA does not usually create materials for mums directly, in these extraordinary times, members, staff, people with lived experience and leading experts have collaborated on guidance to help new and expectant mums protect their mental wellbeing during the pandemic and beyond.

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