Photo of MMHA staff and board at away day in 2019

Who we are

Dr Alain Gregoire, Chair and Founder

Dr Gregoire is Founder and Chair of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance. He is a member of the NICE Guideline Development Group for Antenatal and Postnatal Mental Health, and has contributed to the development of policy, guidance and clinical services in the UK and abroad. He is determined to ensure that all women have access to care for their mental health which is at least as good as the care available for their physical health in pregnancy and postnatally.

Dr Alain Gregoire is Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Southampton. He set up and leads the national award winning Hampshire Perinatal Mental Health Service, which provides comprehensive integrated community and inpatient services to women with severe mental health problems in pregnancy and postnatally. He has conducted research into perinatal services, mental health of mothers in prisons and other aspects of perinatal mental health. He began his postgraduate medical training in obstetrics, but on finding that the most ill women, who also received the worst care, were those with mental health problems, he switched to psychiatry and completed his training at the Maudsley Hospital and Institute of Psychiatry.

Dr Clare Dolman, Vice Chair

Clare is the Vice Chair of the MMHA and a Trustee of the charity Action on Postpartum Psychosis (APP). She is a freelance journalist who has had bipolar disorder since her early 20′s. She experienced an episode of PP after the birth of her first child. Clare is the Vice-Chair of trustees for the national mental health charity Bipolar UK. She lectures on Public and Patient Involvement in Health services at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London, where she is completing a PhD on decision-making about pregnancy and childbirth in women with bipolar disorder.

Emily Slater, Director and Co-Founder

Emily Slater, Director and co-founde of the MMHA giving a speech.Emily is Director and Co-Founder of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance (MMHA) and more recently Development Coordinator of the Global Alliance for Maternal Mental Health (GAMMH). Following her experience of postnatal depression after the birth of her son in 2009, Emily founded, with her partner, the campaigning organisation Break the Silence – PNI. In this capacity, Emily attended the first meeting of what became known as the MMHA. She has been instrumental in its funding and growth to a 90-strong coalition of UK organisations with the shared vision to see all women across the UK get access to consistent and quality care and support for their mental health during pregnancy and postnatally.

Emily’s background is in education, campaigning and building effective social movements within human rights, international development and environmental initiatives at organisations such as ActionAid, Save the Children and the Institute of Education. Since her own lived experience, she is driven by the knowledge that right now women and families across the UK are suffering. Her passion is for harnessing and channelling leadership right across organisations and the maternal mental health community to work as matter of urgency – together – to bring about lasting change for women and families affected by perinatal mental health problems.